Friday, 6 April 2018

House of Sand by Michael J Sanford

This one was a bit different for me. A brilliant but disturbing description of the descent into madness, or at least how I imagine it might be! And it played tricks on my mind too!

The Blurb:

I want to watch you burn.

Consumed by hate, I've done the unthinkable. And it's turned me into a hero. Now, I must decide how far I'll go to keep my secret safe.

I won't let you know the truth.

But the sounds that echo in my head...

...are only growing louder.

Attempted murder gives a man his family back. It's everything he's ever wanted, but he can't forget what he did. And the longer he holds the secret, the more control he loses to the darkness whispering in his ear. It craves violence and can't be silenced forever. The line between truth and lies is disappearing. And with it, the difference between right and wrong.

My Review:


I needed time to think about this one. A very intriguing and intense story. Dark and disturbing, but good.

A dark tale of creeping insanity, which becomes more disturbing and violent as the story moves on. The main character steadily loses his grip on reality and so I found myself wondering what was real in the story and what wasn't. Even after finishing the book I'm still not sure! The characters are well drawn, the story moves along quickly, there's a big twist part way through, and an even bigger one at the end. I really enjoyed this book even though I had questions at the end!

An aside - I loved the font used for the chapter headings!

You can buy House of Sand on Amazon UK, Amazon US and at other good retailers.

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