Monday, 9 April 2018

The Liar's Promise by Mark Tilbury

I had some reservations before reading The Liar's Promise by Mark Tilbury - I already had a gargantuan TBR pile (still do!), and it was a bit different from my usual read. But I am so glad I did! Loved it. Ordered his previous book Abattoir of Dreams and pre ordered his next, The Key to Death's Door (out next week) on the strength of this one - no pressure then, Mark!

The Blurb

How does a mother protect her child from the unknown?

During a visit to a local theatre, four-year-old Chloe Hollis becomes hysterical. But her mother, Mel, doesn’t realise that this is just the beginning of the nightmare. In the coming weeks, Chloe talks of The Tall Man - Of death.

At her wit's end, Mel confides in Charles Honeywell, the headmaster at the school where she works. But what Mel doesn’t know is that Charles is linked to what is happening to her daughter.

Will Mel learn the terrible truth? And can she overcome her own tragic past and save her daughter before it’s too late?

The Liar’s Promise is a story of past lives and future torment

My Review

OMG! What a book!

I wasn't sure about getting this book as my To Be Read list was so huge, but it really appealed to me. And, gosh, I am so pleased I did - I was hooked from beginning to end!

Four year old Chloe has a fit and refuses to watch the pantomime at the local theatre. She starts talking about the threat of the 'Tall Man' and other strange things. 

Desperate, her mother confides in the headmaster of the school she teaches in. But is he the right man to talk to?

I thought this was a very original story - certainly not like anything else I've read. The characters and situations are richly described. It features a Shakespeare fanatic, colour coded freezers and a horrific, deadly game. I can't really say much more without revealing spoilers!

There was nothing I didn't like about this book - an absolutely cracking read. A word of warning though - it is quite gruesome in parts, and thus not for the faint hearted. But I loved it and can't wait to read more by this author. 

You can buy The Liar's Promise on Amazon UK and  Amazon US and in all good bookshops!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your review here on your blog Suze! And thanks also for your interest in the other books too, I hope you enjoy them.

    1. Thanks Mark. Looking forward to reading them soon!x


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