Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Burn The Evidence by Keith Nixon

This is the second Solomon Gray novel, and I enjoyed it as much as the first.

The Blurb:

Mixing business with family can be a murderous affair ...
A body washes up on the beach near Ramsgate in the South of England. For DS Solomon Gray, the case appears cut and dried—a drowning. An immigrant. Another victim to the sea in his desperate attempt to reach the UK.

As the tidewaters recede, two more corpses surface. One appears to be a refugee, stabbed to death. The other, Gray recognises immediately. Regan Armitage: son of business tycoon Jake Armitage. Gray knows this means trouble.

A post mortem reveals ligature marks on Regan's wrists. Drugs in his bloodstream. All signs indicate murder. Armitage swears to track down his son's killer and avenge his death.
Gray's investigation points to a deadly fire ten years prior, and soon Armitage comes under suspicion. But DS Gray knows what it's like to lose a child and puts aside his distrust of Armitage to help.

How are the dead men connected to each other — and to the infamous fire?

It's then that Gray gets another tip on the whereabouts of his own missing son, Tom...

Burn the Evidence is the second book in a series featuring Detective Sergeant Solomon Gray. The crime series is perfect for fans of Ian Rankin, Stuart MacBride, and Peter James.

My Review:

This is the second book to feature Solomon Gray, but could easily be read as a stand alone.

Now, I have a wee soft spot for Sol - he's damaged, and that makes him interesting. This book sees him investigating the death of the son of an old friend, but also looking at a crime from 10 years ago.

The story nips along at a good pace, and features some interesting, well described characters. It was hard to tell who was good and who was bad, and I certainly didn't guess all of the outcome. And some of Gray's relationships with friends and colleagues are affected by the crimes in the book. As with the first book, there was a wee cliff hanger at the end.

Looking forward to reading more about Sol in the next book!

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You can buy Burn The Evidence here:

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