Thursday, 17 May 2018

From Bedtime On by Jean Gill

I love poetry, but don't read nearly enough of it, so I was delighted to be able to read this, Jean Gill's second collection of poetry, through the TBC Reviewers Request Group on Facebook.

The Blurb:

A delicious book full of the unexpected. Highly emotive contents.
–Writing Magazine

The second collection of poetry from award-winning author Jean Gill retains the passion and spiky humour for which she is known but has matured into a unique, assured view of our world. Her most lyrical poems reveal a sensuality that lingers in the imagination. Other poems share political insights with timeless, incisive humour.

Divided into two parts, this new edition includes the stories behind the poetry, some personal and some on the craft of writing poetry; always surprising.

My Review:

Having enjoyed Jean's first poetry collection, With Double Blade (you can see my review here), I was really looking forward to this one.

It didn't disappoint. Again, as with the first collection, there were some poems that really touched me, and others that I enjoyed, but didn't necessarily give me the feels. But I love the variety of subjects, and the openness and honesty of the author. I am in awe of her ability to take an everyday situation, an object or a news item, and then weave a personal experience into it. Wonderful.

I very much appreciated the stories behind the poems which were included, and found that some of them changed the way I viewed the corresponding poems. I read each poem, then its story, then the poem again. 'Alternative Medicine' is a good example where the story very much enhanced my reading of the poem.

Other poems I particularly enjoyed were 'Housewife: A Feminine Occupation', 'No News is Good News' and 'The Green Party'. But my two favourites were 'Eternity Ring' (maybe because I'm a hopeless romantic with self esteem issues!), and also 'Sensory Compensation' as I've had blind friends so it resonated with me. This last poem also contained my favourite lines from the whole collection:

'I would not give my eyes to tune pianos
But for one brightened night to read the raised points on your skin with blind man's fingers
I might.'

If you like your poetry sharp, contemporary and challenging, then this collection is for you. Recommended.

You can buy From Bedtime On from Amazon UK and US, and from all good bookshops.


  1. So glad the second poetry book didn't disappoint! Thank you for such a personal and perceptive response!


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