Monday, 2 April 2018

Space Police: The Final Fish Finger by David Blake

I fancied a wee break from my usual reading, so requested this book via the TBC Reviewers Request Group on Facebook. And what a joy it was.

The Blurb:

It’s the 25th Century and the President is being blamed for Earth's fish supply problems. 

Meanwhile... Detective Inspector Capstan and Lieutenant Dewbush have somehow managed to prevent the destruction of their home planet by the Mammary Clans. With a much deserved day off they decide to visit the British Museum where the last ever fish finger is the key exhibit. But it's about to be stolen, and the evidence leads them to Ganymede, a moon orbiting Jupiter, where they come face-to-face with the mysterious Gorgnome Obadiah.

This, the second in the brand new Space Police series, is a hilariously funny Sci Fi space comedy that's just perfect for fans of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Terry Pratchett, and the Space Team books.

My Review:

OMG, what a laugh!

Think James Bond meets Danger Mouse and Penfold. In the future. In space.

Detective Inspector Capstan has just woken up in 2459 having been cryogenically frozen in 2017. He has been reinstated at his old rank to the new version of the police - The United Kingdom of America Space Police. As he is adjusting to his new circumstances, he also has to try to solve the case of the missing fishing trawlers (yep, they still have these in the 25th century) and the theft of the very last fish finger from an exhibition of 21st century life.

I loved Capstan, but I adored Lieutenant Dewbush, who seems to be the sweetest man, and acts like an innocent abroad. Very Penfold. Also, Obadiah, the Bondesque megalomaniac villain, albeit with huge yellow duck feet, is brilliantly described, as is his dastardly plan.

The story was everything I wanted it to be - utterly ridiculous and totally preposterous, and brilliant fun because of that. It's not subtle - the Mammary Clans being a personal favourite. There is also a social media app called Slaptwat, which is so much better than the actual name of the app it's based on that I will be using it from now on! And it's genius that this is a comedy written in a future where joke telling has been banned since 2367.

This was a very welcome change from the normal stuff I read, and I am very much looking forward to reading more by this author.

You can buy the book here:

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