Saturday, 14 April 2018

Healer: The Gift of Dreams by Sarah Dahl

Occasionally, I like to mix it up, and Sarah Dahl's short stories enable me to do just that.

The Blurb:

Viking farmer Magnus is plagued by a demon. Since his wife’s death, the dreaded Mara tortures his body and mind. Powerless, he sends for a healer, the unexpectedly young and beautiful Audr … Are her sensual powers and his unleashed virility enough to banish the demon from his bed?

Set in the Viking era, this is a stand-alone, adult read with a HEA.

My Review:

This is the fifth short story in the Tales of Freya series, and the third one I have been lucky enough to read.

Magnus is in pain and grieving. He arranges for a Healer to visit him, expecting an old woman to attend. But she's not old, she's young, beautiful and bold, and that throws him off balance. And always in the background is his devoted servant Alvi, who adores her master.

I always feel deliciously naughty when I read one of Sarah's stories. She writes beautifully sensual scenes without being  explicit or crude. And the sense of place she evokes is wonderful - I almost feel that I am there, watching the scenes unfold in front of me. My only complaint is that it's too short - I wanted more! Having said that though, it's perfectly formed. Loved it.

You can buy this story on Amazon UK.


  1. Thank you so much, Suze, I feel honoured and happy and proud to have you as a reader :) I wish you a wonderful week <3


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