Thursday, 15 July 2021

The C Word: For some lockdown has been murder by various authors - short story collection

I don't read short stories very often but I do enjoy them for a wee change occasionally. And particularly when they've been written and brought together for a good cause. Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The C Word, a collection of short stories raising money for NHS Charities. Big thanks to ZoƩ at Zooloo's Book Tours for the invitation and to the publisher for my review copy.


The Blurb

So, what do writers do during Lockdown?

They create murder, mystery, death and destruction,
of course!

The C Word is a collection of short stories collated during the COVID-19 pandemic to raise money for NHS Charities Together. A plethora of wonderful stories created by a wide variety of writers, each with their own unique style. Some you will know already and some we’ve yet to introduce you to. However, we’re sure you’ll want to hear from each & every one of them again as we leave 2020 behind us. With contributions from Steve Mosby , Sophie Hannah , Elly Griffiths , Sarah Hilary , Rob Scragg , Trevor Wood and many more.

The C Word is published by Spellbound Books and is available to purchase from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

100% of all royalties from The C Word will be donated to NHS Together Charities.

My Review

I really enjoyed this collection. There is a huge of variety of subjects and styles - something for everyone. Many feature aspects of lockdown, or its consequences. Most of, but not all, the stories are crime, but there's a sprinkling of horror and some tales I found hard to define

The opener, God Moving over the Face of the Waters, by Steve Mosby is terrifically dark and atmospheric. The Haunted Trolley by Nick Jackson is an oddly affecting tale about, yes, you guessed it, a shopping trolley. In a similar vein, One of a Crowd by Paul Finch is heartbreaking. There's gruesome stuff in The Tanzanite Ring by Mark Wilson and domestic violence features in a couple of stories. I found Strength by Andy Hill particularly powerful. 

The great thing about short stories is they are quick read, meaning this is the perfect book to pick up and put down, dip into, come back to later and re-read. 

The C Word is a fab collection of  interesting and enjoyable stories from a wide range of authors both established and new. Covering a wide range of topics there really is something for everyone between its covers. And, as mentioned above, by purchasing this book, not only will you be getting a great collection of original tales, you'll also be raising money for a worthwhile cause. Win win!


  1. Thank you lovely for this wonderful review and for taking part in the tour xx

  2. I've been avoiding anything to do with covid this year, as it still triggers my anxieties, but I'd love to read this in the near future. Great review!

    1. Thank you so much! I know what you mean but I enjoyed this. Raising money for a good cause too! x